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3D Facial Roller Massager

RM90.00 MYR



  • With new kneading technology, 360° rotate design
  • 3D roller design adept the whole body skin
  • The curved handle
  • Better design can be adjusted according to different massage place.
  • PT double roller
  • With PT plating for the sensitivity skin, releave sensitivity skin.
  • Fashion design
  • With micro current technology.
  • Adept for the sensitivity and unconscious skin
  • Rolling more smoothness
  • Waterproof design
  • Skin tightening


Before usage:


  • Take off the accessories such as necklace, earrings.
  • Piled up hair or firm them with hair band, to avoid hair entaglement, and the rolling will be more smooth. Use the hairpin for short hair.
  • Pay attention to the hair around the ears to avoid entanglement.
  • For dry or sensitive skin, please paint some lotion before usage.



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