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Why I Choose Leather, Testimonial Review By Anna Smith

Feredea Affan

Personally I prefer leather because of its durability. I used many handbags, but leather made is much more durable especially if it is of high quality. Even though high-quality leather goods might be more expensive, you can almost always be sure that they will last years and look just as good. The reason why leather is a durable and flexible material because it created by tanning animal rawhide and skin, often cattle hide. I have a wide variety of leather made handbags. 

Some are made by synthetic rubber, leather, plastics, satin, pvc and many kinds. But all of my handbags do not last long as leather made handbags. This is my personal collection of tote. I bought from monkey skirts. I can smell the Italian leather and never feel doubt about its durability. 


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