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Testimonial Review What made Men Prefer Leather made Wallet, Bags and Even phone case.

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Adam Stanley
Question: Can you share with us, as a man, what made you and all other men prefer leather made wallet, bags and even phone case?
I suppose many men want their phone cases to look manly. No, I am not joking and this isn’t a frivolous point. Why would men pick something that looks delicate (for e.g. silicone covers), wouldn’t they prefer going for something that looks roughly hewn, and over time looks weather beaten, yet striking. This is why men prefer leather wallet cases over silicone cases. It’s mostly about the looks.
Question: What about your friends?
I agree,  if you do not like leather, you will still go for it because most of your friends and colleagues are using it. Men would like to deny it, but there are affected by peer pressure and this is yet another reason why men prefer leather cases. This is as good a reason as any!
You will meet very few men who will say they don’t like leather products. Most like using leather products like shoes, belts, wallets so why wouldn’t they choose from amongst for their Galaxy Note 2. After all, it also help them make a definitive style statement. They wouldn’t want to pass up on this opportunity. The Galaxy Note 2 is just an example to illustrate my point, but leather cases are available for a range of other smartphones as well.
Can share your experience with islaLisa. 
Yes, I bought a leather bag, designed by Hidesign. I personnally like the smell of leather and easy to be clean personally I don’t like spending a lot of time and effort in trying to clean stuff. Yeah. Thats all. 


Testimonial Review What made Men Prefer Leather made Wallet, Bags and Even phone case. - Adam Stanley

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